I have been gifted with a visionary outlook and the ability to see the authentic beauty of the life you are meant to live.  I have studied and worked with people in the areas of human development, counseling and positive psychology for over twenty years.  What I know is that I can help those who are willing to open up to this idea and do the work to make it happen.  What I also believe is that all problems are calls from your soul to re-vision your life.  Below is a list of soulful living and a list of non-soulful living attributes – see if there is something there you need to re-vision and if so give me a call.

On Track with Soulful Living

  • Doing Work You Love
  • Making Enough Money to Live the life You Want to Live
  • In Relationships that Support and Love You
  • In Relationships that You Love and Support
  • Challenged by People and Situations You feel Able to resolve
  • Know Your Gifts and Talents and are Using Them Daily
  • Are Physically and Mentally Healthy
  • Have Pleasuring, Meaning and Purpose in Your Life
  • See Your Future Filled with Passion, Purpose and Possibilities
Off Track with Soulful Living

  • Not doing Work You Love
  • Not Making Enough Money to live the life You Want to Live
  • Have Plenty of Money but Still Not Happy
  • Miserable in Your Relationships or Lonely and Isolated
  • Feel Overwhelmed, Stressed and Anxious by Life’s Challenges
  • Have No Idea What Your Gifts and Talents Might Be
  • Physically and Mentally Sick and Tired
  • Using drugs or Alcohol to Medicate Yourself, But it’s Not Working
  • Feel Angry and Misunderstood

If you find yourself saying yes to any of the things on the list of Off Track Soulful Living then give me a call and we can get started creating a new vision of your life.  I have programs to address these challenges and will work with you until you can say yes to the list of On Track Soulful Living.    I look forward to hearing from you.  Won’t you let me help you?