My work is about Visioning and Change Management for individuals and groups.  I have a special interest in the Baby Boomer Generation but work with anyone or any group or organization that wants to create a New Vision for the future.

I help individuals and organizations to see a new vision and then to take the right action to make this happen.  I feel I am gifted with a visionary outlook and the ability to see the authentic beauty of each individual life and also the mission and vision for any organization that wants to change and grow.  I have studied and worked with people as a counselor, psychotherapist and life couch and as a seminar producer for well over twenty years.  What I have learned in the process is that people learn best and make changes in their lives via a proactive, focused approach to change, rather than a sitting and talking, or attending endless meetings complaining or discussing their “issues” in what I call, the YES, BUT TRACK, which of course, will keep individuals and organizations stuck for years. \

The work is a co-venture – meaning we work together to make it happen.  I act as a visionary, catalyst, change agent and mentor.  It is time limited, usually about twelve lessons/meetings, once per week for individuals and all day, off site New Vision and Change Management Retreats for organizations and groups.

If  think it is time for a new vision for yourself or your group/organization then give me the opportunity to inspire and energize you – I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

Call 720-273-5589 or email – lorrainebanfield@msn.com to find out more about my work.  Meanwhile you may checkout the rest of my website.  I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to help you find and create the vision of your life or one for your group or organization that will inspire, energize and bring true happiness and meaning into your life or your group/organization.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Blessings, Lorraine