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Lorraine Banfield, Educator, Mentor, Aurthor, Change Agent, Visonary
Lorraine Banifeld

Professional, Empowering, Soulful Programs designed to Energize, Re-vitalize and Re-Imagine Your Relationships, Your Work and Your Life…

About the New Visions Programs

Lorraine’s work is about helping others live a soulful life of meaning and purpose. She does this via her business, New Visions Programs.  These programs are designed to provide you with knowledge, insight and action items that will enable you to create some aspect of your life in a new way.  The format is similar to a graduate level class in that they last about one semester and require you to do homework, act on you vision and change and grow throughout the process.  Lorraine acts as you teacher, guide, mentor and inspirational support to the changes you will be making.

The programs are both structured and flexible.  They are structured in that each week you are assigned homework which is specifically related to your new vision for your life.  This will include reading, writing and a weekly meeting via Skype to discuss the homework and review how you are doing.  The work is flexible in that each person who takes the course has unique issues and desires that will be taken into account in terms of the assignments and discussions and can in some cases require added or deleted items or topics which makes the work that is done a unique and individualized program.

In terms of subject matter and issues to be dealt with these programs are designed for people on the emotionally stable side of the mental health continuum and should they not meet any mental illness criteria from the DSM IV or if they do the work will not be addressed to this DX.  In other words this work is about learning and growing, not fixing and healing.  At the same time, Lorraine’s clients do experience a need to grow and learn and this happens to them when they feel restless and unsatisfied with their current life and circumstances.  The approach Lorraine uses matches Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and is a self-actualization, self-realization and soulful process.

In most cases the work will be related to the basics of life; relationships, family, work, meaning, purpose, calling and voice or vision.  The classes will look at the five domains of life, IQ – Intelligence quotient, EQ – Emotional Quotient, RQ, Relationship Quotient, PQ, Physical Quotient, and SQ, Spiritual Quotient.  In addition, the class will look at your signature strengths, your best work domains, your temperament and your personality Type.  We will also look at what moves you, what fills you with passion and what enlivens your spirit but what also drains your spirit of vitality and leaves you feeling restless and unfulfilled.  These programs are life changing and powerful – and if you do the work, Lorraine will guarantee this result.

Call or Email today to learn how these programs can help you live a life of Meaning, Purpose and Possibilities.